How to Report Hackers in COD Mobile (Hackers report)

Season 1 New Order of COD Mobile has to be one of the most happening seasons the game has ever witnessed. The countless rewards via the Seasonal Battle Pass and seasonal events have garnered the attention of a lot of players across the globe.

That being said, this season’s exclusive Fight for Humanity event is what has really appealed to the players. Everyone out there busy grinding to contribute towards their factions and help win the prize.

Currently, COD Mobile is in the 14th Season, though the Season counter has been reset. Despite that, the fact that COD Mobile is still infested with hackers remains prevalent. Today we will be discussing this very disturbing issue in COD Mobile.



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How to Report Hackers in COD Mobile:

If you have played any online FPS game, odds are at a certain point you are bound to have come across opponents who possess exceptional abilities such as ultra-fast speed, being able to hit you from miles away, infinite health, etc.

COD Mobile is no different and the game has fallen victim to this infuriating community of cheaters and hackers. The Activision Team’s failure to blacklist or take measures on these perpetrators has really annoyed the players and fans.

The number of hackers has so escalated that these hackers don’t even bother to conceal their hacks and hackers and make dismal use of them, sometimes even during live streams.


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However, even if you do happen to cross paths with a blatant hacker, we don’t want you to feel helpless. So, we have mentioned some of the different ways via which you can report the hackers for Activision to take necessary actions against them.

When the scoreboard displays each player’s kills at the conclusion of the game, an exclamation mark logo appears in the top-right corner of the frame. Clicking this logo will open the report window. In this window, all the players on both teams are listed.

Tapping a player’s username will bring up a menu with the following options to select: Verbal Abuse, Inactivity, Cheating/Trainers, AFK, and Attacked Teammates. There is also a box where you can write a more comprehensive summary of the activities. Pressing the big “Report” button will send a report to be reviewed.

If you think this trick doesn’t work out for you. You can try to be more verbal and expressive about your concerns. You can always bring those nasty cheaters and hackers into the spotlight by posting about them in the Official Reddit Community of COD Mobile.

You can also record videos of the hackers in the act and post them online on Twitter or other social media platforms. Anything which gets the attention of the Devs and the higher-ups towards these hackers will do the work.

It’s as they say, if you see something, say something!

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