How to ‘Throw Tactical Grenade’ in COD Mobile

Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile has commenced in full swing. Like previous seasons, this season, Activision did not fail to impress us with the classic and never-out-of-fashion wild-west theme.

The Battle Pass is easily one of the most impressive Battle Passes to date especially if you are a lover of everything Western-themed. Players have already started grinding to the best of their abilities to get their hands on all the rewards and the unlockable content which the latest season has to offer.

Season 4 started out with a bang. COD Mobile really outdid themselves with this season. The wide array of weapons, characters, maps, modes and much more can sometimes become a tad bit overwhelming. In this article, we will be talking about one such feature of Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile.

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How to ‘Throw Tactical Grenade’ in COD Mobile

Since time immemorial, Call of Duty Mobile has been known to be quite generous. We say this because to keep the players content they always come up with new and innovative events, missions, and tasks to help them obtain a ton of rewards.

Similarly, in Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile we have a set of brand-new Seasonal events. For those of you who don’t know, Seasonal Events are a set of events wherein players will have to complete a set of tasks to get their hands on some really cool rewards, like Cosmetic items, Battle Pass XP, Credits, and much more.

In Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile, there are 2 sets of Seasonal Events as of now. One of them is called, Under Pressure. Under this Seasonal event section, players have to complete a set of 6 missions to get all the rewards.

tactical grenade call of duty mobile

The primary reward of this section is the Heartbeat Sensor. One of the missions under the Under Pressure Seasonal Event is to throw 10 Tactical Grenades in Multiplayer matches.

Well, it is quite simple to do so. To complete the mission, simply head to the loadout section of the game, equip any kind of tactical grenade in the tactical section of grenades. Mind you, you have to choose amongst a smoke, flash, concussion, emp and so on and so forth. As the mission goes, it has to be a grenade.

Once you have equipped the preferred tactical equipment in your loadout head over and start a Multiplayer match. We suggest you go for matches like Hardpoint and Domination in maps like Shipment, Nuketown. Make sure to use the tactical grenade 10 times whilst in matches. So, to keep a track of it, every time you respawn just toss the tactical grenade.

Once you do this process 10 times, the mission will be over and you will be rewarded with a Common Pharo skin and some Battle Pass XP. You will also get one step closer to getting your hands on the brand-new Heart Beat sensor. So, go ahead and start grinding and completing all the missions.

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