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Robbery in Jailbreak might be a little challenging at times. In and of itself, this game is one-of-a-kind and tough experience. So we’ve here to help you loot the cargo plane. Here is our guide on How to Rob the Cargo Plane in Jailbreak. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Rob the Cargo Plane in Jailbreak

The Cargo Plane, along with the Roadster, a winter map, and skydiving, is one of the moving heists in Jailbreak added in the 2019 Winter Update. Every 7 minutes, the Cargo Plane may be spotted landing at the Airport after the cops have summoned one in or spawning by itself. When there are 7 cargo containers on the giant X on the side of the runway adjacent to the terminal building, it spawns onto the map.

When the jet touches down on the Airport’s main runway, it will open its back door for around 20 seconds and load packages into its cargo area. The back door closes as the plane prepares for departure after all cargo containers have been loaded. It will take off slowly, not even approaching the Camaro’s top speed.

After crossing across the Drawbridge, it will begin a difficult rise. After that, the Cargo Plane will circle the area for around a minute until flying out of bounds near the Volcano.

The jet takes off from the airport, slowly gaining altitude for the first twenty seconds before starting a hard ascent. It turns to the northeast when it approaches the Museum parking lot after passing the Power Plant. After there, the plane heads northwest, passing close to Gun Shop 2. Around this moment, it reaches a height that no aerial vehicle in Jailbreak can reach (except for the Jet and Stunt).

1. Entering

The Cargo Plane may be accessed from two directions: the back entrance or the top hatch. The back door is the most popular and convenient form of ingress, and it opens quickly after the plane lands at the airport. From here, players may step into the plane and wait for takeoff. Prior to the plane taking off, it stays open for around 25 seconds before shutting automatically.

The top hatch is normally only utilized in last-minute scenarios; if players arrive at the airport right as the plane is taking off, the top hatch will be the only way in because the back door will be locked. To open the hatch, players must complete an “E” prompt, which will cause the hatch to swing open, allowing them to enter the plane.

The hatch and back door used to require a keycard to access, but as of the 2nd day of the Return of 5 Days 5 Vehicles Update, a keycard is no longer necessary to rob it. To manually open either hatch, players must complete an “E” prompt to make the hatch swing open, after which they will be able to enter or escape the plane.

2. Inspecting Cargo Crates

The cargo boxes will be available for inspection shortly after the cargo plane takes off and departs the airport. To finish checking them, simply hold E (push and hold on mobile, hold Yon console) and complete the prompt circle. Players will either obtain a keycard or a cargo crate after completing the game.

A noise will play when you get a keycard, but it will not display in your inventory if you don’t already have one; you may remedy this by checking another cargo crate or glitching out and waiting a few seconds.

The key target for the robbery is the cargo boxes, which are a smaller, portable counterpart of the cargo crates. Players should begin making their way out of the plane after they’ve obtained it.

3. Escaping

Officially, the only way to get off the Cargo Plane is to open the back door. Players had to use a keycard to access the back door before the third day of the Return of 5 Days of Vehicles update, and they may have investigated cargo boxes for a keycard.

Players will be able to jump out of the plane and make their escape once the door is unlocked. Note that while the back door is open, it will begin sucking players out of the plane, which will be problematic for those who have not yet retrieved their cargo box. If players need to stay inside the plane while the door is open, they should race to the front or hide behind a crate until the door shuts.

4. Delivery

Players must bring their cargo box to the cargo collecting location at the Cargo Port after departing the Cargo Plane. They must first skydive down (or, if glitching out, descend to the ground with their car) before heading to the Cargo Port (near the City Criminal Base) to redeem their money.

A large “X” on the ground and cargo boxes heaped up behind it identify the collection place, which is located near the Cruiser spawn. The cash will be collected after it has been walked/driven into.

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