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Murder Mystery Game seems like a straightforward task, right? You have to solve a still-mysterious murder, as the title indicates. NO. The game is centered on the supernatural and is significantly more tough than it appears. Today we will talk about How to get Godlys in MM2 2021. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to get Godlys in MM2 2021

Crates, crafting, game passes, events, trading, and coupons purchased from may all be used to gain Godly Weapons. Godly weapons are one rank below Ancient Weapons and one tier above Legendary Weapons, despite the fact that many of them are uncommon.

1. Crates

Crates (sometimes known as crates) are a feature featured in the shop in Murder Mystery 2. Unboxing crates for 1000 money, 100 diamonds, or a Mystery Key will reveal either a gun or a knife. There are currently 11 unboxable crates available.

From crates, you can get commons, uncommons, rares, legendaries, divine weapons, and chroma weapons.

The Mystery Keys cost 125 Gems and may be used to open any weapon crate, however, the Mystery Box costs 100 Diamonds. It is also possible to swap Mystery Keys. Crates can also be unlocked with 1,000 Coins.

With 1,000 coins, you can unlock all of the crates in the game.

Event keys, such as the Skeleton Key from 2018, are very similar to Mystery Keys, except event keys can only unlock exclusive event crates, not ordinary crates.

There’s also a slim possibility you’ll unbox a godly, as well as a Chroma variant of the godly in the crate. As shown by the ‘???’, the likelihood of receiving a godly is unknown, however, many believe it is 1 percent for unwrapping a godly and 0.1 percent for unboxing a godly.

With the start of Season 1, the price of weapon crates was adjusted to 1000. Prior to the change, standard boxes cost 200 coins. Mystery Keys may be used to open any non-event crate. To access the event-type boxes, players must first get a Halloween or Christmas key from the corresponding year. Season 1’s Mystery Box 1 was the very first box.

The second Mystery Box contains two non-Chroma Godlies as well as Chroma Godlies. There are 11 boxes in all, with three gun boxes, six knife boxes, and two mystery boxes. There have been 11 event boxes in all, 5 for Halloween and 6 for Christmas. Also, there is one non-chroma divine in every present box. (With the exception of Mystery Box 2, which contains Lightbringer and Darkbringer.)

2. Crafting

In Murder Mystery 2, one of the basic aspects is crafting. Crafting allows the player to make goods without having to open a container, whereas salvage allows the player to get shards, metal, and other random objects by dismantling weapons. Skins that are designated as classic can only be salvaged.

The weapon will be removed from your inventory as a result of this action. After completing the Random Painted Seer recipe, the player has a tiny chance of receiving a Chroma Seer.

This is the comprehensive Crafting guide for this game. The accessible crafting options are on the left of the table, while the required crafting components are on the right.

Crafting Recipe Rewards
Random Uncommon Weapon x12 Common Shards Donut
Random Rare Weapon x12 Uncommon Shards Molten (Knife)
Molten (Gun)
Random Legendary Weapon x12 Rare Shards Midnight
Seer (Godly) x20 Legendary Shards Seer
Random Painted Seer x10 Godly Shards + x10 Godly Metal Red Seer
Orange Seer
Yellow Seer
Blue Seer
Purple Seer
Chroma Seer

Salvaging is a function that allows the player to destroy a weapon in exchange for crafting materials like as shards, metals, and other things.

Some weapons, such as Code knives, Ancient Weapons, event knives, Vintage Weapons, Xbox-exclusive weapons, and Season 1 weapons, are not salvageable.

Salvage Rewards
Salvaging Rewards
Common Weapon x2 Common Shards
Uncommon Weapon x2 Uncommon Shards
Rare Weapon x2 Rare Shards
Legendary Weapon x2 Legendary Shards
Godly Weapon 1+ Godly Shards
Seer x1 Godly Metal

Nikilis implemented recycling as a new function in 2015. It was later taken down for unclear reasons. Recycling enabled players to combine four weapons of the same value to make a new one; there was a slight possibility that the output would be a heavenly weapon during this procedure.

3. Gamepass

Gamepasses are in-game purchases that may be made using Robux to unlock special pets, effects, radio skins, knives, and weapons.

4. Trading

Trading is a basic element that allows players to exchange their own things for those of other players. An item’s worth is determined by its Seers, Demand, or Rarity. To trade, go to the player list on the top right and click the person you want to trade with. A little menu will open with “Profile” and “Trade” buttons.

When you select “Trade,” a request to trade appears on the screen of the person you’ve chosen. After that, the individual can either refuse or accept the trade request. The trade request will be deleted if they reject it. If they accept, though, a trade menu will take up the entire screen. On the left side of the screen, your inventory will show. To add an item to the trade, click an item.

What the individual with whom you’re trading puts into the deal will show up. To accept an item that has been put into the trade, you must wait 6 seconds after it has been put into the trade. You can only exchange four unique goods at a time, although you can do so in multiples.

If you don’t want to trade, there’s an option beneath the player list that lets you turn off your trade requests. This means you won’t get any trade requests from other players, but you’ll still be able to trade with them if their trades are active.

Guns, knives, pets, and odd stuff like Mystery Keys, Gifts, and Wrapping Paper are all tradeable. There are two primary value sites: MM2 values (external) and Supreme Values (internal).

Scamming, data loss, value loss, and duping are all risks that traders face. Trading has a general risk. When trading, there is a bug in which both people on the trade menu are unable to add things. Trades can sometimes fail, requiring you to reconnect to the server. When neither of the players accepts the trade, the deal automatically accepts, and the item you placed is removed from your inventory.

5. Codes

Codes, similar to Promos, are a tiny rewarding element in Murder Mystery 2 that allows players to input a little section of text in their inventory and earn a prize such as a knife, rifle, or even a pet in exchange. Nikilis’ Twitter page is where most of the codes are given out. JD’s YouTube channel is also a good place to give away codes.

That’s all for today’s article on How to get Godlys in MM2 2021. Do check out all the sections and know what you should know about getting godlys in MM2. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage

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