(Season 13) Best Perks for COD Mobile Ranked Match

Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile is live and running. Players all across the world are really giving their all to unlock all the rewards which the Battle Pass and other events have to offer.

Season 13 carried along with it a lot of goodies and merchandise including new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more. However, if it superseded the standard set by Season 12 or not? Yeah, that’s entirely up to you guys to say.

However, since COD Mobile has become so competitive, we have decided to bring for you guys a list of some of the most efficient perks for the current season. Without much ado let’s dive into it.

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Best Perks for COD Mobile Ranked Match

  1. Quick Fix

It is a Green perk. This perk allows players to start regenerating health immediately after getting kills via Gun or Melee weapons.

It is quite a useful perk for ranked matches especially if we consider the Fast-paced gameplay during ranked matches.

  1. Flak Jacket

It is a Red perk. This perk reduces explosive damage by 35 percent. Flak Jacket thus provides you effective protection from grenades, trip mines, and any other blast. This 35% reduction in blast damage could save you several times.

  1. High Alert

It is a Blue Perk. Equipping this perk allows your vision to pulsate when enemies beyond your sight have you in their crosshairs. You can also mark enemies, their equipment, and their scorestreaks by aiming down your sights.

It is a great perk, especially for snipers as it can help them realize and evade potential attacks if they are aiming down sights.

  1. Light Weight

It is a Red perk. It is especially favored by players who follow a hit and run strategy during ranked matches. With this perk equipped, the sprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.

  1. Fast Recover

It is a Red Perk. The Fast Recover perk increases the HP recovery rate by 35% and is unlocked by default in the game. This perk is also suitable for ranked matches as it offers faster health regeneration during crucial moments.

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 Best perks for Search and Destroy

  • For Defence
    • Quick fix (Green)
    • High Alert (Blue)
    • Flak Jacket (Red)

The Quick Fix perk will allow players to regenerate HP faster after engaging in combat with enemies. The High Alert perk will make the players realize if some enemy has spotted them and thereby allowing them to change their location immediately. The Flak Jacket will prove especially useful against enemy Semtex, grenades, and trip mines which might be used by them to flush you or your teammates out in the open.

  • For Attack
    • Quick Fix (Green)
    • Engineer (Blue) – This perk shows enemy equipment and scorestreaks. It also facilitates the Re-roll of friendly Care Packages and booby traps enemy Care Packages.
    • Light Weight (Red)

The Engineer perk proves very crafty while using against the enemy. The Lightweight perk will help in easily maneuvering around the map and probably be helpful in ninja defusing the bomb.

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Best perks for Domination and Hardpoint

  • For High Mobility
    • Quick Fix
    • High Alert
    • Light Weight

The above-mentioned combination of perks is best suited for an aggressive gaming style in the hardpoint or the Domination modes in Ranked Multiplayer. The quick fix allows for faster health regeneration which in turn will allow players to quickly get back into combat right after engaging in one.

The High alert, on the other hand, will keep the player aware of their surroundings enabling them to quickly evade in case they get spotted by the enemies. The Lightweight perk in general will increase the pace at which the players move across the map. This will make it difficult for enemies to get a good shot at them.

  • For Beginners
    • Persistence – Scorestreak progression does not reset on death, but Scorestreaks costs are doubled.
    • Hardline – Increases Scorestreak points gained by 25 percent This perk makes it a bit easier and quicker to activate Scorestreaks, as it can reduce the number of consecutive kills you need to do.
    • Quick Fix

This combination of perks is best suited for players who are yet to get a hang of Ranked Multiplayer matches. The persistence perk allows players to achieve scorestreaks despite getting killed by enemies a lot. The hardline perk will prove useful in amassing points faster for attaining scorestreaks quickly. And as we have discussed, previously, the quick fix perk will allow players to regenerate health faster.

  • For Snipers
    • Cold Blooded – It provides immunity against enemy AI-Controlled Scorestreaks.
    • High Alert
    • Agile – This Red Perk reduces the aim down sight (ADS) time of guns after sprinting by 85 percent. It enables players to aim and shoot at players a lot quicker after running

This combination of these perks will prove quite beneficial to the average sniper. The High alert will make the sniper aware if he/she is in the crosshairs of an enemy. The Agile perk will allow for faster switching of weapons which is quite helpful while running around with a sniper. The Cold-blooded will make sure the player doesn’t get killed by enemy AI-controlled scorestreaks like Stealth Chopper, Sentry gun, etc.

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So, in this article, we were able to mention some of the best COD Mobile perks which are definitely worthy of being added to your multiplayer loadouts. The combination of perks that we have suggested has undergone numerous tests in actual ranked matches. So, we are pretty sure they are worth it.

Do give these perks a try to enhance your gameplay by giving your players additional abilities.

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