Shield Cell vs Shield Battery in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is quickly becoming a Battle Royale behemoth out-of-nowhere. The sheer rise in popularity of Apex Legends Mobile can be seen in the number of people who have already downloaded the beta version of the game and others who are still trying to get their hands on the download links.

Apex Legends Mobile is quite different from other Battle Royale games; however, it still carries some similar elements. For example, to perform well in a Battle Royale, you have got to be balanced on both your offensive as well as your defensive strategies.

In this article, we will be talking about certain consumables in Apex Legends Mobile which can help in boosting your defenses whilst in a match.

Shield Cell vs Shield Battery in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile offers a multitude of different Legends for players to choose from, each with their very own unique abilities. However, what’s constant with them is that all of them start with 100HP in a match.


100 HP might seem quite low considering all the high damage-inflicting weapons which can bring about more than 100 HP damage in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry Apex Legends Mobile has also devised a way to tackle that problem.

We have been given the option of equipping our character with defensive items like Armour, using consumables like Syringes, Shield Batteries, Shield Cells, etc. Today we will talk about the subtle differences between Shield Batteries and Shield cells.

Even if we go by the name, it is nearly impossible to cite the differences between them. So, trust me when we say it’s even challenging to figure out which is what in the heat of battle.

Just by their appearances, both of them are Blue Cylindrical cans. However, the Shield Batteries are slightly bigger in size than the Shield cells. Let’s get into the technicalities to give you a better understanding.

Shield battery apex legends
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Shield cell is a common item whereas shield Battery is a rare item. A Shield Cell restores 25 levels of the shield upon use, whereas, a Shield Battery restores 100 Shield levels. The usage time of a Shield Cell is 3 seconds whereas the usage time of a Shield Battery is 5 seconds. The difference might not seem much but it can be a game-changer whilst in battle.

Also, if you have white armor equipped, a Shield Battery gives you 50 Health over 5 seconds, whereas two Shield Cells give you 50 Health over 6 seconds. But the Shield Battery can give you 100 Levels of Shield but it gets bottle-necked by the Armour itself.

So, be sure to use your Shield cells/ Batteries as per the armor which you have equipped to minimize wastage of resources.

Now you know the differences between both these consumables be sure to use them judiciously as they can ultimately be the deciding factor in your journey to victory.

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