(S12) Top 5 Best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 (Best SMG)

Call of Duty Mobile has gotten one of the most mainstream, FPS games on the portable mobile platform since the time of its release. The realistic graphics, relentless and fast-paced gameplay, and an assortment of maps have consistently kept the players entertained. COD Mobile has had more than 148 Million downloads to date.

COD Mobile is presently in its twelfth Season and the game just continues improving and better with each new season. Players are truly content with the new characters, night modes, weapons, skins which Season 12 has carried alongside it.

The Going Dark Theme has truly appealed to the players. Players the whole way across the world are found pounding to redesign their weapons beyond what many would consider possible and show up at the Legendary Tier.

Since the release of the gunsmith feature and with the expansion of new weapons with each Season, players have consistently believed that it was irksome and confounding to pick the top-performing weapons and furthermore the best attachments that accompany it.

Also, SMGs have been a dominating class of weapons in Call of Duty Mobile ever since the launch of the game. So, it was about time we gave you guys our list of some of the most efficient and most reliable SMGs in the game as of Season 12.

  • 5th HG-40

COD Mobile HG 40 Gunsmith

The HG-40 is one of the most efficient, adaptable, and versatile weapons in the game. It is a fully automatic SMG that was made to bring about the end of enemies with extreme prejudice. The HG-40 is an extremely balanced SMG. It can be an efficient weapon throughout most maps and modes.

The HG-40 has high mobility, decent damage, excellent accuracy, and great recoil control irrespective of high mobility. The addition of appropriate attachments to the HG-40 can significantly buff this firearm up and bring down enemies before they can understand what hit them. Though the HG-40 was nerfed secretly in the latest season, it is still competent enough to find 5th place for itself in our list.


1. COD Mobile HG-40 Gunsmith Loadout – ‘No Recoil’ HG-40 Loadout

2. COD Mobile HG40 Gunsmith Loadout – ‘Fast ADS’ HG-40 Loadout

  • 4th QQ9


The QQ9 is an extremely ground-breaking SMG and can be made much more remarkable if the correct attachments were to be utilized. The QQ9 has been adopted from the well-known MP5. Since it’s an SMG, it was worked to overwhelm in short proximity 1v1 combats. The high fire rate and unimaginable ADS Speeds make it a monster in a close battle.

The QQ9 additionally got another attachment – 10mm 30 round Ammunition. This buff fundamentally expanded the damage of the weapon making it much deadlier. The weapon likewise has great accuracy and respectable recoil control regardless of having quite a high discharge rate. Thus, the QQ9 is in the fourth put on our list


  1. COD Mobile QQ9 Gunsmith Loadout – ‘No Recoil’ QQ9 Loadout

  • 3rd RUS- 79U

Call of Duty Mobile

It is one of the first weapons from the initial launch of COD Mobile in 2019. The RUS-79U, otherwise called the AK74-U, is an exemplary weapon in the Call of Duty franchise. The RUS-79U made its debut in Black Ops 1, the weapon has made numerous appearances throughout the franchise’s history. Be that as it may, it truly sparkles in COD Mobile.

The RUS-79U, being an SMG has high damage, fire rate, and also pretty decent mobility. It is also surprisingly stable despite having such high mobility and fire rates. That is precisely the reason why many professional YouTubers and players also use RUS-79U. It is also one of the oldest weapons of the game. So, because of the above–mentioned reasons, we placed the RUS-79U on the third position on our list.


  1. COD Mobile ‘High Mobility’ RUS-79U Loadout

  • 2nd GKS

High Mobility GKS

The GKS is an exceptionally efficient, smooth, and dependable SMG. After the nerfing of the HG-40 players of COD Mobile went to the GKS to acknowledge how great of a weapon it really is.

The GKS has extremely high damage, low recoil and due to its stability, it very well may be utilized to participate in long-range battles as well. This minuscule SMG has wonderful accuracy which is why many players choose this weapon over the other SMGs. A comparatively slower fire rate is the only flaw that we could find in the GKS. However, it is sufficiently compensated by the high accuracy and mobility. Thus, it is definitely worthy of the number 2 spot on our list.


1. COD Mobile GKS Gunsmith Loadout 

  • Honorable Mention: Razorback

Hold your horses, everyone. We are just as excited to tell you about the King of the SMG class. However, before that, we really felt it was necessary to talk about the razorback which just missed the list.

Since its release in COD Mobile, the razorback has been a tough competitor for different weapons in the class. Its high damage yield and consistent recoil make it a very simple weapon to utilize. Matching this with strong reach and fair mobility makes for one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile.

We didn’t have enmity with the Razorback. It’s just that, the other weapons in the list were ever so slightly better in some fields. Also, the fire rate of the weapon is comparatively slower than the other weapons on the list. However, it is still a very competent SMG and players can use it to get nukes and even gather a couple of MVPs in ranked.

  • 1st Fennec

COD Mobile Fennec Gunsmith Loadout

Presently the Fennec is a weapon that has been unleashing its wrath in Season 12. This SMG changed the gameplay as we probably knew it. The Fennec has an extraordinarily high fire rate, significantly higher than the MSMC and the QQ9. That, combined with decent damage, gives you a flat-out monster of a weapon.

The Fennec was the main weapon to get an exclusive Mythic Skin – Fennec Ascended. It is also, currently the only weapon to boast the Akimbo perk. The Fennec Akimbo is ending up being a force to be reckoned with.

The shockingly great accuracy of the hip fire and the range of fennec and the fennec akimbo are the things that made players go insane for this weapon. Every one of these reasons was adequate enough for us to place Fennec at the number 1 spot in the rundown.

This was our list of Top 5 SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile Season 12. Our team has vigorously researched and analyzed each weapon using various gunsmith attachments to bring you this list. You may choose any gun from this list and we are sure you won’t be disappointed and can definitely grab a couple of MVPs.


  1. COD Mobile Fennec Akimbo Gunsmith Loadout

2. COD Mobile Fennec Gunsmith Loadout – ‘Low Recoil’ Fennec Loadout

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