Where to find Red Shield in Apex Legends Mobile (Heirloom Shield)

To utter surprise of the mobile gaming community, Apex Legends Mobile has swiftly become one of the most played FPS games out there. Apex Legends Mobile came out of nowhere and filled the void in the Battle Royale genre ever since the ban on PUBG Mobile in India.

Not just that, Apex Legends Mobile in itself is quite a competent Battle Royale game with really intense gameplay and console-like graphics. With the response it got with the beta version of the game, we can soon expect an official version of the game to roll out.

That being said, we will be continuing with our guide of understanding the various items in the game. This will assist you guys in matches and help you get an edge over your opponents whilst engaging in combat.


Where to find Red Shield in Apex Legends Mobile (Heirloom Shield)

Apex Legends is a mammoth of a Battle Royale game that really is packed with its very own mysteries. The game is especially well-known for creating a seamless connection between all things modern and ancient.

Apex Legends Mobile is well-known for hiding a plethora of unusual and unique pieces for players to obtain. Shields are some of the most used and crucial items in Apex Legends Mobile.

The very survival of a character depends on the shield which they have equipped. It means, without a shield it is almost impossible to win a match. One such item is the Red Shield which is even better than the Gold shield.

Now, you guys must be jumping to get your hands on a red shield. However, we may have some bad news. Unlike other shields and items in the game, the Red Shield cannot be obtained from the map as it is not a spawned piece of loot.

To equip your character with the Red Shield, you have to earn it. There’s a game mechanic in a place called “Evo shields” where you have to do damage to level up the shield. You must do 750 damage wearing a purple shield to Evo it to red.

The progress of the Evo Shield also carries over from player to player, which means that you will not have to start over from a white piece of armor if you pick up one from another player that has already been upgraded.

So, if you get your hands on a shield make sure to inflict a ton of damage to other opponents to upgrade your shield to the red shield. However, getting an Epic Shield will be of immense help as you have to inflict the least damage in that case.

Now you know, how to get yourselves a red shield go out there and equip your Legends with the red shield and become a force to be reckoned with in battle.

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