Where to get Epic Helmet in Apex Legends Mobile (Purple Helmet)

The beta version of Apex Legends Mobile has swiftly become one of the most sought-after games in the Battle Royale genre amongst mobile gamers. The new characters, change in surroundings, weapons, and much more that are offered by the game have really garnered the attention of players from all across the world.

Apex Legends Mobile’s beta version has only been launched in India and the Philippines. However, since the game proved to be so irresistible, players have gone above and beyond to get their hands on the download links of the game and try it.

The game has quite a lot of features. People who aren’t familiar with them might encounter some trouble whilst playing the game. To solve that problem, we will be talking about one such item of the game in this article and will help you understand It better.


Where to get Epic Helmet in Apex Legends Mobile (Purple Helmet)

Even though the aggressive skills of our Legends amplify our game to another level, participants cannot ignore the critical role played by Shields and Armors in the game.

Armors defend people in the game and help them cope with the harm, making them stand a little longer in combat. These armors come in four different Rarity Levels. They are – Common (White), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Gold).

Now, these armors are of 2 types – Body armor and Helmets. Helmets are a crucial piece of armor that helps to shield your character from the damage dealt by devastating headshots from enemies. The reduction in damage done by a helmet depends on its rarity.

epic helmet purple
Image Source: ProGame Talk

If your character has an Epic (Purple) Helmet equipped, then the Headshot bonus damage will be reduced by 50%. That % is a matter of life and death whilst in a match. Epic helmets are quite difficult to find considering their rarity. However, there is a slight chance that players can find an epic helmet in loot cases. However, to increase the odds of getting an epic helmet, players need to land in High-Tier loot zones.

Equipping a helmet won’t add to your overall health as body armor does. However, it also won’t get shattered upon taking damage, so you don’t have to worry about using shield batteries to restore it. Thus, helmets are quite useful in battle especially if your enemy squad has a sniper amongst them.

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