Can we destroy Advance UAV in Call of Duty Mobile | How to destroy Advance UAV?

Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its first anniversary. The Season 11 Anniversary update got along with it a ton of goodies, rewards, unlockable content. We got new character skins, maps, modes, perks, scorestreaks, etc in the new season. Players from all around the world have been grinding more than ever to unlock the truckload of content which Season 11 has to offer.

Talking about new releases, this season also gave players a new scorestreak to play with. It is the Advanced UAV. The Advanced UAV made its debut in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Later, it returned as a scorestreak in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Now, it made its way to the mobile version of Call of Duty.

The Advanced UAV

The Advanced UAV is more or less a buffed-up UAV. Unlike the normal UAV which just shows the position of enemies on the mini-map in the form of red dots, the Advanced UAV shows both the position as well as the direction in which the enemies are looking. In both, the UAV and the Advanced UAV, the position of enemies is not live. It is more like a pulsating location which reveals enemy position in regular intervals. However, the sweep frequency for the Advanced UAV is higher than the normal UAV. The Advanced UAV is also much more expensive than the current UAV. The Advanced UAV costs a whopping 1400 points whereas the normal UAV costs just a mere 400 points.

Advanced UAV Scorestreak

Can we destroy Advance UAV in Call of Duty Mobile?

Just like the normal UAV, the Advanced UAV is also a fixed-wing aircraft. Before we get into today’s topic, you should first know how to unlock the Advanced UAV. The Advanced UAV was released along with Season 11 Battle Pass. It can be unlocked by reaching tier-14 of the battle pass. If you need any assistance, you can visit the link mentioned below for more details on the same.

VISIT NOW: How to unlock Advanced UAV in Call of Duty Mobile

How to destroy Advance UAV?

The Advanced UAV just like the UAV remains fixed mid-air when in use. Though it becomes easy to target and aim as it doesn’t move much,  it can’t be destroyed. We have tried almost all ways imaginable to bring it down. However, all of it was in vain. The FHJ-18 couldn’t get a lock on it neither could we reach it using the SMRS.

The Advanced UAV is too far up in the air. Thereby making it out of range for almost all weapons and scorestreaks. The SAM Turret was also not able to detect it. We also couldn’t guide the predator missile to hit it as the origin of the predator missile is at a lower altitude than the Advanced UAV.

In Call of Duty WARZONE, the Advanced UAV could be destroyed using a Cruise Missile. As of now, no such weapon or scorestreak in Call of Duty Mobile is suited to bring the Advanced UAV down.

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The Advanced UAV is, as of now, invincible. So it is suggested that players be careful when they detect an enemy Advanced UAV as their position and direction in which they are looking will be exposed for the next 40 seconds or so. Every weapon or scorestreak has its flaws. We are speculating, like in the Modern Warfare titles, Call of Duty Mobile might introduce a way to tackle the Advanced UAV too.

Until then as Cpt Price had said: Lay low!

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