How to Change FOV in COD Mobile Settings

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Call of Duty Mobile’s season 13 has been definitely very successful till now. Players from all over the world seem to be very pleased to get this season the rewards and unlockable content.

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How to change FOV in COD Mobile

Short Answer: To change FOV in COD Mobile, go to game settings and select the ‘Basic’ tab. And finally, in the ‘Camera FOV’ section you can scroll the slider to change the FOV

The Devs of COD Mobile have been working day and night to make the game as optimized as possible. To keep up with the innovation in technology, the Devs have recently introduced the 120 FPS mode in COD Mobile.

Similarly, today we will be talking about yet another such setting that can enhance your gameplay. In today’s guide, we will be telling you how to change the FOV in COD Mobile.

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FOV is basically Field of Vision, which means how much of the surroundings the player can see on the screen. It governs how wide the image you see is. The higher your FOV is, the wider the image gets, and the more textures your GPU has to render at a time.

The higher the field of vision, the lower the frame rates achieved. So, reducing FOV can help give you better frame-rates, ensuring smooth gameplay.

To change the FOV follow the given steps:

  • Open COD Mobile
  • Go to Settings
  • Then select the Basic tab
  • Scroll down to Camera FOV.
  • Change the FOV (first-person only) according to your needs.
  • Suggested FOV – between 50 and 75 on devices with smaller screens.

You can decrease your FOV to boost your frame rate by a noticeable amount. This way you can experience faster, more seamless, and smoother gameplay. So, make sure to adjust the FOV in COD Mobile according to your choice to get the best results in-game.

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