How to get Frank Woods character in Call of Duty Mobile (Frank Woods)

Season 12 Going Dark of Call of Duty Mobile has really surpassed the benchmark set by Season 11 Anniversary Update. Season 12, is arguably one of the best updates the game has ever witnessed. With a very good lineup of Battle Pass rewards, new characters lucky draws, maps, and modes, Season 12 has really impressed the Call of Duty Mobile fraternity.

Call of Duty Mobile has grown to be one of the most popular games on the mobile platform since its release. It has had over 148 million downloads. The realistic graphics and fast-paced gameplay combined with the consistent introduction of fresh content via the Seasonal updates is what has kept the players entertained.

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How to get Frank Woods character in Call of Duty Mobile (Frank Woods):

Master Sgt. Frank Woods was a supporting character first seen in Call of Duty Black Ops. Frank woods has also featured in other Call of Duty titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Black Ops Declassified, etc. Just like some of the other well-known character of the Call of Duty franchise, Frank Woods is also hugely popular among Call of Duty fans.

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Season 12 of Call of Duty Mobile has a Going Dark theme. We have the night mode, black gold skins, night vision goggles. It would only make sense if Call of Duty Mobile had crates and bundles in sync with Season 12’s theme.

Well, fortunately, we do. Call of Duty Mobile has introduced various crates and bundles in Season 12. Frank Woods is a hugely popular character in Call of Duty. We simply can’t blame you for wishing to have him as our character in-game.

Frank Woods Bundle store cod mobile

Well, among various crates and bundles, Call of Duty Mobile has added a Frank Woods Bundle in Store. Players can unlock the Frank Woods character from the exclusive Frank Woods Bundle.

However, the Frank Woods bundle costs 960 CP. We know it’s a bit heavy on the wallet but, you will not only be getting the EPIC – Frank Woods skin but also quite a few other epic and rare goodies with it too. You will also be getting an epic – MSMC – Covert Mini skin, Ready for Pain Emote, etc.

To buy the Frank Woods bundle, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Store
  2. Click on the Bundle Section
  3. Click on Frank Woods Bundle
  4. Then purchase it by giving the requisite CP
  5. After the purchase is complete, you will find the Bundle in your inventory in the loadout.
  6. Open it to get all the contents inside the bundle.

You’re all set to show off the new Frank Woods character to your friends as well as your enemies. The emote might add an intimidating touch too. So, march out there to try out the new Frank Woods skin.

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