How to unlock M4LMG 40 Round Mag in COD Mobile

Winter has arrived already. Call to Duty Mobile Season 13 has entered the game. Players all across the globe are grinding more than ever to unlock and get their hands on all the rewards which Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile has to offer.

Ever since the gunsmith feature was rolled out, and new guns were introduced each season, players always thought that it was difficult and tiring to pick the 5 best attachments out of more than 50 to upgrade their favorite weapons. That is where our group comes in.

We have been actively researching on creating ‘purpose-oriented’ Gunsmith loadouts for a weapon. Earlier in this series, we have mentioned the loadouts like “No Recoil’ KN-44‘Fast ADS’ DR-H‘Fast ADS’ HG-40, and a lot more. Make sure to check all loadouts here.

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How to unlock M4LMG 40 Round Mag in COD Mobile

The M4LMG is, as the name suggests, an LMG in COD Mobile. It has high accuracy, stability, and decent recoil control. But what really attracts players towards the M4LMG is the ability to turn it into a pseudo–Assault Rifle by adding proper attachments in gunsmith.

In this article, we will be talking about another attachment of the M4LMG which helps to increase the Mobility of the LMG. It is the much-awaited 40 Round Light Reload.


This 40 round magazine increases the ADS Time, Movement speed and also decreases the reload time thereby increasing mobility significantly.

As of now, the status of the 40 Round Light Reload attachment remains locked with a “Coming Soon” Message. We believe it will be released to the players via seasonal events judging from past experiences. Players will have to complete a series of tasks/missions to unlock and get their hands on this new attachment.

All we have to do then is be patient and keep grinding for all the rewards of the current season.

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