Top 5 Best Characters in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1

Apex Legends Mobile has been the pride of Respawn Entertainment ever since its launch. The game has managed to brighten up the previously dull and dreary scenery of the Battle Royale genre into something fresh and lively.

The game managed to bring a ton of new and innovative additions to the mobile gaming community. From futuristic weapons to some really awesome Legends, the game really appealed to a lot of players and garnered the attention of many more.

The game is currently in its first season and players are going berserk over it and are grinding to the best of their abilities to unlock various content. In this article, we will be compiling a list of some of the best legends which we think are the most formidable on the battlefield. So, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best Characters in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1

Gibraltar apex legends
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Gibraltar has embodied a fresh role within teams owing to the defensive capabilities of the Legend. His Ultimate ability seems to have enough potential damage to box the opponent away, and the Dome Shield could be a big help for not only you but your whole squad as well.

You must keep an eye out for adversaries using it as well since there is nothing keeping anyone from coming within. All in all, Gibraltar remains a big, tanky character who is difficult to overlook. Any player would undoubtedly benefit from a more agile character. Having said that, he’s a valuable addition to every unit.

His shield which pops up while firing is quite useful for both novice and veteran players alike. It can prove to be of humongous tactical advantage if used properly.

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Bangalore is and will always be an all-rounder Legend. Her Passive provides her a jolt of pace whenever she’s under fire, that can save you from major damage and seek cover when you’re out in the clear.

In the meantime, her Smoke Canisters have a really high skill ceiling and could save your life – as long as your opponent doesn’t have a Digital Threat optic on their firearm, or a Bloodhound to scan through the fumes – and her Ultimate is fantastic for spacing huge regions around you while inflicting punishing destruction to aggressor teams that just don’t move fast.

Bangalore’s passive, Double Time, grants you a pace boost while sprinting under pressure, which you can use to get safely into cover or to return fire while becoming more difficult to reach. Rolling Thunder, the ordnance hit, isn’t as potent as Gibraltar’s similarly bombastic ultimate, but it is still a great way to offer cover and start chasing the adversary out of their hideouts so that you can start firing at them.

  • 3. OCTANE
Octane apex legends mobile
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Octane has near-unrivaled freedom of movement. His Stim Tactical is an infinitely spammable velocity uplift at the expense of some health, that is rapidly revived big props to Octane’s Passive health rejuvenation influence. His Ultimate, LaunchPad, is among the briefest team maneuvering resources available and provides everybody who jumps on it a double-jump to obtain several miles of distance on the map.

Octane is a fantastic Legend for someone who enjoys consistently being in a new location each time they reveal their face to an opposing team. Octane’s insane mobility speeds prove to be a huge asset in battle. His mobility often makes him a difficult target to shoot at for the enemies, allowing him to rapidly make his way to cover or sneak up to the enemy and knock them down.

Image Source: Polygon

Bloodhound’s ultimate is kind of terrifying in the proper hands. When powered, Beast of the Hunt increases your speed and illustrates your targets in red, allowing you to visualize them even through smoke or gas. Each time you drop an opponent, the period of Beast of the Hunt is stretched for anywhere around five to fifteen seconds, indicating users can chain kills forever and leave a mess of enemies slithering around in the dirt.

Whilst their ultimate is active, the cooldown of Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather is lowered from 25 seconds to 8, indicating you could indeed scan to your heart’s content. Like all of the finest predatory animals, Bloodhound is also fairly decent at noping out by using their ultimate to flee. The above-mentioned characters make bloodhound a formidable character in battle and hence is on the second position of our list.

  • 1. WRAITH
Image Source: Dexerto

Wraith has unquestionably been among the finest Legends. This is largely attributed to her skills’ prospects to trigger havoc on the battleground. Wraith can often be seen creeping around the backlines or attempting to ambush her enemies with her Tactical Ability ‘Into the Void’ while you and your team are engaged in team fights. This facilitates Wraith to ostensibly prevent all damage whilst also getting a much better stance on the adversaries you are fighting.

Wraith’s passive, Voices from the Void, tells you exactly whenever an opponent is having a look at you and lets you ping the details out to your team members. Wraith’s portal skill, Dimensional Rift, is one of the greatest skills in the game, with limitless tactical options. It could be used to rescue a fallen team member, to rapidly get a respawned team member primed, or to arrange a getaway for forecasted encounters in which you can withdraw via the portal.

Wraith has been the favored Legend of many pro players. The above-mentioned skills give you the answer to why. Also, her unique abilities, combined with her mobility make her worthy of the first position on our list.

That was our list of the Top 5 Legends in Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile. Be sure to try them out and we hope you find your preferred character from this bunch and win a couple of matches.

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