Where to get Blue Shield in Apex Legends Mobile (Rare Shield)

Apex Legends Mobile has quickly proven to be one of the much-awaited titles in the mobile gaming industry. The game brought a whole new meaning to Battle Royale and also succeeded in bringing along with it a brand-new setup, totally fresh weaponry, main characters, and gaming dynamics.

Seeing how much popularity the beta version of the game has managed to garner, it would be a safe bet to say that the official release of the game worldwide isn’t far away.

However, there are still a lot of features and items in the game which might seem new and unfamiliar to first-timers. So, to help you with that, in this article we will be covering yet another such item to help you better understand its usage in the game.


Where to get Blue Shield in Apex Legends Mobile (Rare Shield)

Upon landing on the map, all Apex characters have 100 health and no shield equipped. The only way to increase your total health is by equipping Body Shields that players can find on the ground.

Equipping Shields is quite necessary as the weapons of Apex Legends Mobile arsenal can inflict 100 HP damage in mere seconds. So, if you wish to last longer in battles you need to equip somebody with armor to help increase your overall health.

Once the Body Shield is equipped, players will notice up to four horizontal bars over their health bar. The Common (white) Body Shield gives two bars that are equal to 50 shields. The Rare (blue) one grants three bars that are equal to 75 shields. The Epic (purple) and Legendary (golden) Body Shields both grant four bars that are equal to 100 shield.

blue shields apex legends
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Rare shields or the Blue shields are relatively easier to get as compared to the Epic and the Legendary Shields. Players can find the Blue shields in Loot cases, or in buildings located in Mid to High-tier loot areas.

These shields are all colored blue and are quite difficult to miss. So, it won’t be an issue-spotting them whilst in matches. Also, if you have got a common shield equipped, it can be upgraded to a Blue shield by inflicting 150 damage to enemies. Mind you, the damage inflicted upon knocked enemies won’t be considered.

The damage players could deal with to shield and health are still the same. Body Shields do not decrease harm taken they merely boost a character’s overall health pool. As a result, for the Rare Shield, an Apex character’s overall health will be 175 HP.

Now, get out there and equip your character with some decent armor to last longer in combat and possibly come out victorious.

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