COD Mobile Man-o-War Gunsmith Loadout – “High Mobility” Man-o-War Loadout

Players from all over the world are engrossed in Call of Duty Mobile ever since the launch of the Season 11 Anniversary Update. Call of Duty Mobile completed one year on October 1st 2020 and the update which they released to celebrate their anniversary was humongous. Call of Duty Mobile is known not to release its updates in one go. They choose to do so over a period of days. It has been a couple of weeks since the launch of the update and they seem to be coming on and on.

Ever since the launch of the gunsmith feature, players have always found it difficult and tedious to choose 5 best attachments from over 50, to enhance the performance of their favorite guns. That’s where our team comes in.

We have been actively researching on creating ‘purpose-oriented’ Gunsmith loadouts for a weapon. Earlier in this series, we have mentioned the loadouts like “No Recoil’ KN-44‘Fast ADS’ DR-HFast ADS’ HG-40, and a lot more. Make sure to check all loadouts here.

COD Mobile Fennec Gunsmith Loadout

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Before we get into the details of today’s topic our dedicated team would like to emphasize on the fact that no gun is perfect. We simply can’t make the perfect gun by using gunsmith attachments. Because no gun can be suitable for all types of players throughout all kinds of maps. How efficient a gun is, depends largely on the player.

For example, players who have an aggressive gaming style would like a fast, high fire rate weapon suitable for close-range combat. On the other hand, players who like to have long-range combats won’t have much use for a close-range weapon. So, players are advised to try out their own weapon builds instead of blindly copying another build. This way they can mold the gun according to their own gaming style.

COD Mobile Man-O-War High Mobility Loadout:

The Man-O-War is an Assault Rifle. It has very high damage and decent accuracy. However, it is quite a hefty gun and lacks mobility. This gun is available for free. Players can unlock and use this gun by reaching Level 52 in the game. The range of this gun is pretty good. The stats of this gun make players choose this gun over other Assault rifles more often.

In today’s loadout, we will be discussing the best attachments to increase the overall mobility of the gun. So, we will primarily be focusing on ADS Speeds, Mobility, and reducing aim-shake. This gun is already a beast in mid to long-range combats. To make it more versatile we will be increasing its mobility so it can also act as a decent weapon in close range fights. However, this feat was achieved by compromising on Accuracy, recoil control, and range.

Best Man-O-War High Mobility Attachments:

Man-o-war fast mobility

  • Muzzle – no change
  • Barrel – MIP Light Barrel Short
  • Optic – no change
  • Stock – YKM Combat Stock
  • Perk – no change
  • Laser – OWC laser- Tactical.
  • Underbarrel – Strike Foregrip
  • Ammunition – No change
  • Rear grip –Stippled Grip Tape

Note: The post will be updated continuously to provide you with the best loadout possible. Stay tuned!

Check out the stats for the Base Variant of the weapon for comparison:

Man-o-War no attachment


How to use High Mobility Man-O-War Loadout:

The sole purpose of this loadout is to enhance an already good weapon. The Man-O-War lacked in mobility. So, this loadout was designed to increase the mobility of the weapon and make it suitable not only for the long-range but also for close-range combats. The increased ADS Speeds and Mobility were achieved at the cost of accuracy, recoil control, and range.

Irrespective of that, this gun would do well in both long- and close-range fights. It can be used in modes like TDMs, Hardpoint, Domination, and Search and Destroy. It is suitable for large maps like Crossfire, Raid and also for smaller maps like Nuketown, Crash, etc.

That’s all for it. Enjoy this Man-O-War on steroids as it manages to get you a couple of MVPs.


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