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Shindo Life is without a doubt one of the most popular games on the internet right now. Any of the game’s activities are available to players at any time. Today we will talk about How to Fly in Shindo Life. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Fly in Shindo Life: Roblox

Quick Answer: You can fly in Shindo Life by holding down the spacebar and down by holding ‘X’ when this mode is active, albeit this quickly depletes their stamina.

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Tengoku is a one-of-a-kind Eye Bloodline with a 1/150 rarity. Tengoku’s moveset focuses on tremendous damage, several strikes, and massive knockback, making it suitable for PVP and War.

Tengoku’s mode, which needs Bloodline Level 400, may be activated by holding C. The user dons a glowing cyan cloak, has seven glowing cyan orbs hovering behind them and one beneath their left hand, and their eyes are replaced with the Tengoku symbol when Tengoku’s mode is active. The user’s speed is increased significantly, and their dash is transformed into a teleport. This option uses 30 MD per second to drain.

The user may fly up by holding down the spacebar and down by holding X when this mode is active, albeit this quickly depletes their stamina. The user’s basic melee attack is substituted by swinging all of their glowing orbs in front of them, causing a minor explosion that looks like a glowing orb.

In this mode, hitting C while holding down right-click fires four nearly invisible homing orbs in the direction of the cursor, doing extraordinarily high damage and heavy knockback several times. This move requires 35,000 Chi and has a 40-second cooldown.

Tengoku () means “heaven” in Japanese, whereas Kami () means “god.” Tengoku’s mode is based on the same model as Sengoku’s. Tenseigan was Tengoku’s original name. Due to copyright difficulties, it was eventually renamed Tengoku. Tengoku lasted till October 2nd, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. Because Tengoku is a restricted bloodline, you can use it even if you don’t possess the Bloodline Bag.

How to Tree Jump and Fly with Tailed Beast?

Anyone may practice the Tree Jumping method to improve their mobility. It doesn’t require any stats and doesn’t have to be purchased from the shop.

To use this method, the player must hold down the spacebar while standing on a flat surface on a tree, which will cause them to leap in a direction for an extended amount of time, similar to flying. Tree jumping enables quick transit and can be used to flee. Each time it is used, it consumes 2% of the user’s stamina.

The Chu Tailed Spirit Sub Ability is a Mode Sub Ability gained by beating the Chu Spirit monster, which spawns with a 1/10 chance in the Dunes Village around 7:10 AM/PM EST.

Chu Tailed Spirit may be activated by holding Z and starting at Stage 1 at first. If the player meets the stage’s sub-ability level criteria, they can switch between stages by holding Z and tapping the stage’s corresponding number (excluding Tentacion Mode). This option uses 40 MD per second to drain.

For Stages 1-6 of Chu Tailed Spirit, the user levitates slightly off the ground and receives a transparent cloak and tails in the color of their Tailed Spirit, ranging from two to seven. The Chu Tailed Spirit’s tails have the appearance of insect wings.

User’s cloak becomes opaque and their visage is replaced with a bestial look for Stage 7 of Chu Tailed Spirit. The user’s head also sprouts a pair of horns.

The user’s cloak loses its tail and gets a pattern in Stage 8 of Chu Tailed Spirit. The user has lost his or her ability to levitate.

The cloak transforms into a full-length haori and reclaims its tails during Stage 9 of Chu Tailed Spirit. The tails have designs on them and are now opaque.

The cloak changes to resemble a coat in Stage 10 and loses its tail. Seven black orbs hover behind the user, and two short black rods appear on their outer thighs, and their hair shines the same color as their Tailed Spirit. Underneath their coat, the user looks to be wearing a black bodysuit with six little circles beneath their neck and a circle on their stomach.

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