How to earn Medic BR Medal in COD Mobile

Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile has walked straight in and folks are going completely bonkers all over this. Gamers have indeed begun to work to the fullest of their potential to hit Tier 50 of Season 3’s Battle Pass and start opening all the rewards that come with that as well.

Consistent with previous games in the COD series, COD Mobile incentivizes its participants with medals that could be accrued after finishing multiple activities. Usually unlocking these medals rewards a small quantity of XP, but some particularly unique medals also reward rare items like Characters, skins, weapon cards, etc.

There are currently 86 medals in COD Mobile, out of which 43 can be earned solely in Multiplayer mode, and 27 can be earned only in Battle Royale mode. The Medic Medal is also one such Battle Royale exclusive medal. Getting the Medic Medal isn’t hard and the rewards are also worth the effort.

COD Mobile Season 3 Nerfs & Buffs

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How to earn Medic BR Medal in COD Mobile

The Seasonal Events section of COD Mobile has been updated yet again. Activision is back again with some exciting events accompanied by a ton of goodies and unlockable content.

One such new event under the Seasonal Events tab is the Survival of the Fittest. Under this section, there are 6 different missions that the players need to complete in order to get their hands on all the rewards which the Seasonal event has to offer.

Medic medal cod mobile br

One of the missions is to earn the Medic medal in the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile. To complete this particular mission, players need to recover more than 200HP in Battle Royale. Upon completion of this mission, players will be rewarded with a unique ATV skin along with some Battle Pass XP.

To recover more than 200 HP health, just try drowning yourself in water or by going out of the circle and coming back in just when your health is sufficiently low enough. Once you do that, use medic supplies like Bandages, First-Aid kits, or Adrenaline to recover health. Repeat this process again but be aware of enemies in the vicinity as with low health, you are more vulnerable.

You will have to do it once. So, according to our estimates, this mission can be easily completed in one BR Match. So, go ahead and follow the above tips to complete the mission at the earliest.

Now you have an idea on how to earn the Medic Medal in Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile, go ahead and complete the mission and get your hands on all the rewards which the Seasonal events have to offer.

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