How to improve ping in COD Mobile (Tips & Tricks)

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How to improve ping in COD Mobile?

In the world of online gaming, the term ping refers to the network latency (lag) between a player’s device (or the client), and either another client (peer) or the game’s server. So, the higher the ping, the choppier your gameplay will become.

In order to record a response, you have to send the details to your server to help the machine execute your acts while you are playing an online game and performing any action like shooting.

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So, the delay between your action and its registration on the servers is what ping is. From this, it has been made evident that to ensure a smoother and lag-free gameplay experience you need a low ping.

Now, we are here today to tell you guys some of the actions which you can perform to ensure a lower ping while playing COD Mobile.

Steps to reduce ping in COD Mobile:

  1. Turn off “Auto-updates” on your device as they consume a lot of Internet.
  2. Close unnecessary background apps. This will help free up RAM which will ensure that the gameplay becomes smoother.
  3. Force close apps that take up a huge chunk of your internet by accessing the application manager in the Device Settings.
  4. Regularly search for ransomware or other viruses, particularly while your handset runs on Android OS. Many forms of Viruses on your mobile are also captured and trigger network problems and high ping.
  5. Connect to the nearest server of the game from your current location.
  6. Clear the cache memory of the game before running it.

These methods help reduce your ping and are definitely worth the try. So, go ahead and try these steps out before the next time you sit to grind for the Damascus. We sure hope they don’t disappoint.

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