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Murder Mystery Game appears to be a simple assignment, right? As the title suggests, you must solve a still-unsolved murder. NO. The game revolves around the supernatural and is far more difficult than it looks. Today we will talk about What are Rarest Knives in MM2. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What are Rarest Knives in MM2

In Murder Mystery 2, obtaining rare weapons is difficult. Rare weapons are more difficult to get from crates than Uncommon and Common weapons, but not as tough as Legendary and Godly weapons. Legendary Weapons are one tier below Rare Weapons, and Uncommon Weapons are one tier above Rare Weapons.

Knives are melee weapons used by assassins and murderers. They are used to kill a target or a victim by throwing the knife or immediately utilizing it. Even though several weapons, such as Saw, Candy, Battle Axe, Pixel, Spider, Clockwork, and others, are not knives, they are nonetheless considered melee weapons.

1. Deep Sea Knife

Deep Sea is a rare knife obtained by opening Mystery Box 2 and unwrapping it. This knife’s blade resembles the ocean’s surface, with waves. However, it also has the appearance of lightning or ice. The light blue/white lines represent ocean waves, with a deeper shade of blue as you got closer to the handle.

This depicts the various colors and ombres of blue in the water. The handle is black and the guard is blue.

2. Space Knife

Space is a rare knife that can be obtained by opening Mystery Box 1 and unwrapping it. This knife has a black grip with a dark purple blade guard. The blade is purple, pink, and blue and is designed to resemble a galaxy. The handle, as well as the rest of the knife, is adorned with stars. It comes with a Nightfire companion gun.

3. Rainbow Knife

Rainbow is a rare knife that can be obtained by opening Knife Box 1 and unwrapping it. The blade of the knife is rainbow-colored. The knife has a black handle with a silver finger guard. The red side of the blade begins at the tip and the purple/pink side begins at the end. It has a companion gun with the same name.

4. Galaxy Knife

Galaxy is a rare knife that may be obtained by unpacking or exchanging it from Knife Box 1. It’s also possible to get it through the Random Rare Weapons recipe. Galaxy’s blade is a representation of the Galaxy in real life. White is the color of the guard, whereas black is the color of the handle.

This knife depicts space and the actual galaxy in real life, as well as the cosmos as a whole (kind of).

5. Krypto

Krypto is a rare knife that can be obtained by opening Knife Box 1 and unwrapping it. Green and teal colors are used in the design of the blade. The guard is gold and the grip is black.

6. Spectrum

Spectrum is a rare knife that can be obtained by opening Knife Box 2 and unwrapping it. The Default Knife has been re-skinned. It has a vibrant backdrop and is completely covered in tiger print.

7. Nova

Nova is a rare knife that may be obtained by unpacking or crafting it from Knife Box 3. The blade of the Nova knife is deep scarlet with touches of white. The blade’s guard matches the blade’s hue, but the handle is black. It used to be obtained by unpacking the Uncommon Box or Rare Box, both of which have now been deleted from the game.

8. Vortex

Vortex is a rare knife that can be obtained by opening Knife Box 3 and unwrapping it. The knife’s blade is designed with a vortex concept. The knife’s hilt has a dark blue color, while the handle is black.

9. Korblox

Korblox is a rare knife that may be obtained by opening Knife Box 4 and unwrapping it. The Korblox Knife comes with a standard knife base. It has a solid black blade with what seem to be fissures spanning the length of it. The guard has a steel texture, while the velvet red handle has the same steel texture on the bottom.

Before Season 1 was published, it could also be obtained by unwrapping it from the uncommon and unusual boxes. This knife is inspired by Roblox’s Korblox packs.

10. Squire

Squire is a rare knife that can be obtained by opening Knife Box 4 and unwrapping it. The majority of the details on this knife are black. It’s nearly identical to the Black knife, except it’s coated with fine detail. A brown line runs down the side of the blade, crossing itself twice.

This knife resembles Black in appearance. Squire, on the other hand, has some grey lines on his handle, whilst Black has not.

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