How to trade in Anime Fighting Simulator Roblox

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Without a question, Anime Fighting Simulator is one of the most popular games on the internet right now. Players may visit any of the game’s locations whenever they choose. Today we will talk about How to trade in Anime Fighting Simulator Roblox. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to trade in Anime Fighting Simulator Roblox

This is where you may make trade offers. If you’d want to trade, leave a comment with your Roblox username, class, which champions you’re exchanging, and what you’d like to acquire (optional). Please also specify which class is necessary to trade that champion.

Cross-trading is prohibited; you may not accept payments in any form other than Anime Fighting Simulator Champions, including Robux, equipment from other games, real-world money, and so on.


Scamming is when someone makes false claims or offers to exchange champions and then fails to follow through on their promises. This is a frequent practice to obtain champions quickly.

Please don’t take advantage of people. There are a number of con artists out there.
When the scammer instructs the victim to swap their offer before the fraudster does, this is a frequent scam. The fraudster does not complete half of the deal and walks away with the victim’s belongings.

Another classic con is when someone asks, “Can I borrow” or “Can I test the champion first?” In the end, the other person is attempting to persuade you to give them the champion for a “test” and then run off with it.

The “Friend Betrayal Fraud” is another scam. When someone claims to be your buddy in order to gain access to your champion. They may begin by being nice in order to build your trust. “Hey, may I put that champion to the test?” they could ask after a while. You could say “yes” because you trust them, just to have them unfriend you and take the champion you gave them.

Keep in mind that anything that you can’t exchange with a champion right away might be a fraud. Cross trading, for example, is defined as gifting shards/yen, assisting with boss powers, locating a devil fruit, training them, and so on.

Make that you have enough inventory space to complete exchanges. Inventory space is extremely restricted, and many exchanges may come to a halt as a result of one party’s insufficient inventory.

Please note that Fighting Pass champions can no longer be traded. Kirito, Asuna, Gon, Meliodas, Shinra, Mihawk, Escanor, Zenitsu, Bakugo, Rock Lee, Marco, and Ochaco are among these characters.

You don’t have to beg for champions. There are many ways to gain champions, whether it be from offers, grinding chikara, or codes, it is relatively easy to get champions. Begging is the same as scamming.

Demand Table

A demand table is shown below. To utilise it, combine your champion demand points totals together, then compare their champion demand points. It’s a terrible transaction if their demand points are lower than yours (E.g Sakura, Piccolo and Levi is an equal trade with Luffy or Yami). No one is obligated to follow this table, and everyone is free to trade for whatever they like.

Name Demand
Sanjo (Common) 1
Levy (Common) 1
Kelloa (Common) 1
Saruka (Common) 1
Pillico(Uncommon) 2
Big Might (Uncommon) 3
Canaki (Uncommon) 2
Fluffy (Rare) 4
Yamo (Rare) 4
Deko (Rare) 5
Jorati (Rare) 5
Jiyurai (Epic) 10
Naturo (Epic) 13
Tajiron (Epic) 13
Vetega (Epic) 13
Genas (Legendary) 35
Buruz (Legendary) 30
Igochi (Legendary) 40
Sasoke (Legendary) 46
Tatashi (Legendary) 60
Endevro (Legendary) 76*
Gokro (Mythic) 65
Astu (Mythic) 50
Shunks (Mythic) 86
Itachu (Mythic) 70
Oren (Mythic) 90
Marado (Mythic) 72*
Renkugo (Mythic) 100
Bercoliu (Mythic) 110

The rarity values of champions marked with an asterisk (*) may fluctuate based on demand and availability.

Class Board

To trade-specific Champions, you must be a certain class. The requisite classes to offer a champion are listed below in a table. Remember that in order to offer that champion, the other player must be of the proper class.

Champion Class
Sanjo Pirate+
Levy Ghoul+
Kelloa Ghoul+
Saruka Hero+
Pilloco Reaper+
Big Might Sin+
Cakani Magi+
Fluffy Magi+
Yamo Yonko+
Deko Yonko+
Jorati Gorosei+
Jiyurai Gorosei+
Naturo Gorosei+
Tajiron Overlord+
Vetega Overlord+
Genas Hokage+
Buruz Hokage+
Igochi Kaioshin+
Sasoke Kaioshin+
Tatashi Espada+
Endevro Sage+
Gokro Sage+
Astu Espada+
Shunks Sage+
Itachu Sage+
Oren Espada+
Marado Sage+
Renkugo ?
Bercoliu ?

That’s all for today’s article on the How to trade in Anime Fighting Simulator Roblox. Do check out all the sections and know you should know about trading in the game. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage

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