(2023) How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox (PC, Mobile, Xbox)

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:29 pm

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It can be difficult to stay alive in SCP-3008-1 at times. This game is a one-of-a-kind and challenging experience in and of itself. So, we’re here to assist you with a few aspects of the game. Here is our guide on How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox

Although there is no button for any of these three acts, practically everyone asks about them, and the mechanics are straightforward and intuitive.

  • To begin, you’ll need to have some food in your inventory.
  • Open your stockpile (G)
  • In your inventory, click on the food, drink, or medkit you want to use.
  • Click on the food, drink, or first-aid kit you’re holding (sometimes you have to click and hold)

The default controls are as follows. By pressing Q, clicking on the control box, and then hitting the key you wish the control to be tied to, you may modify these controls.

The Larger Food Things plot was one of the four plots that create consumable items, and it was found at random in SCP-3008. There were seven pizza pieces, one meatball plate, two drinks, a can of beans, and a Dr. Bob in there (25 percent chance of spawning).

How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox PC

To begin, you’ll need to have some food in your inventory. Then, (G), open your inventory. In your inventory, click on the meal, drink, or medkit. Click on the food, drink, or first-aid kit you’re holding (sometimes you have to click and hold). The things in your hand will be automatically consumed by your player.

Items that may be picked up and consumed for more health and/or energy are known as consumables. They’re usually found in Plots, and they’re refreshed every Monday and Friday in-game. These things may be kept in your inventory or put in the world as furniture, allowing for more storage in containers like wardrobes and baths.

How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox Xbox

Start by looking over your inventory. Select the food, drink, or medkit from your inventory. Select the food, drink, or first-aid kit you’re carrying by clicking on it. Your player will automatically devour the items in your hand.

A player’s inventory is a feature in the game that allows them to carry up to 16 consumable items. By using the indicated key, you may access it. By clicking on the little icons inside the inventory menu, you may hold as well as utilize items in your inventory.

In a typical game, a player’s inventory can hold up to 16 things, however on VIP servers, this limit can be dropped to 0 or extended to 100. The Tool Gun is likewise stored in the inventory. The Tool Gun is the only non-consumable item in the inventory that may be kept.

Use waypoints to your advantage. Even if you don’t have the Octuple Waypoints gamepass, they may be rather useful. Always indicate your permanent base, and if one isn’t close, use the spare waypoint to mark a cafeteria. Octuple Waypoints can be used to indicate neighboring bases or to signal a desirable supply source for base expansion.

How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox Mobile

Begin by reviewing your inventory. From your inventory, choose the meal, drink, or medkit you want. By clicking on the food, drink, or first-aid kit you’re carrying, you can select it. The things in your hand will be instantly devoured by your player.

The Cafeteria is a plot in the game that you may locate. It is a food source, but it isn’t the only one available. “Burger,” “Hot Dog,” “2 Litre Dr. Bob,” “Chips,” “Beans,” “Striped Donut,” “Bloxy Cola,” “Meatballs,” “Banana,” “Apple,” and “Water” are among the items.

A plot is an area located throughout SCP-3008 that may hold a variety of goods that will be eaten or utilized later. It is 40 studs long on each side and maybe covered with various types of flooring. A plot will contain 5 studs of margin on both sides, totaling 50 studs with margins on each side. When counting pillars, a map in the game can spawn with 50 by 50 plots, for a total of 2500 plots.

That’s all for today’s article on How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox. Do check out all the sections and let us know how this guide was helpful for you while playing the game. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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