Where to find Blue Helmet in Apex Legends Mobile (Rare Helmet)

The beta edition of Apex Legends Mobile has just been released in India and the Philippines. That being said because the game proved to be really intoxicating, players have moved so far as to get their fingers upon the download links of the game and try it.

Apex Legends Mobile’s beta version has quickly proven to be one of the most coveted games in the Battle Royale genre amongst mobile gamers. The game’s new characters, changes in surroundings, weapons, and much more have piqued the interest of players from all over the world.

However, there are still a lot of items that players need to understand before they can be fully comfortable with the gameplay. So, to keep things going, in this article we will be talking about one such item and where to find it. So, let’s jump right in.


Where to find Blue Helmet in Apex Legends Mobile (Rare Helmet)

Despite the wide array of Legends from which the players can choose, all players start the match with 100HP and 0 added armor.

The saying that the person with the bigger gun wins isn’t true always. It is most definitely not true in the case of Apex Legends Mobile. Sure, we have some really devastating weapons which can obliterate enemies by causing 100 damage in mere seconds.

However, if that were the case then there would have been a ton more rage quits and frustrated players in the game. But fortunately for us, that isn’t the case. Players do get the option of equipping armor to both their heads and their torsos to help defend themselves against enemy fire.

One of those crucial armor pieces is the helmet. Unlike the body shield, it doesn’t increase the overall body health of the character however, it does protect the character from deadly headshots. Helmets are especially helpful if there are snipers in enemy teams.

The Rare Helmet (Blue Helmet) is a decent helmet and reduces headshot damage by 40%. It is not that difficult to find as compared to epic and legendary items. Players can find Rare helmets in Loot cases or in buildings located in High tier loot zones.

Players can sometimes get lucky and find rare helmets in regions apart from the high-tier loot zones but that depends on luck. Since the Rare helmet glows bright blue, it is quite difficult to miss the helmet. Players can event spot the blue helmets from afar.

Now you know where you can find the Rare helmets be sure to go ahead and equip your character with some decent body shields and rare helmets before engaging with opponents.

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