How to destroy Tank in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Call to Duty Mobile is now the greatest match for players looking for a really good FPS experience on the mobiles. The game has been one of the most popular and the most downloaded games in the play store over the span of a year. The gameplay, console-like graphics are a major lure for the player around the world.

Ever since the ban on the popular mobile game PUBG Mobile in India. Gamers tried to fill the void in their hearts with another Battle Royale game. Fortunately, the Call to Duty Mobile from Activision has provided the same quick and adrenaline-filled experience for the first person and third person mobile devices.

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How to destroy Tank in COD Mobile Battle Royale:

COD Mobile comprises two primary modes of gameplay – multiplayer and battle royale. Both are very common with the different participants of the community.

The BR mode has many new features such as classes in the game. There are also several exclusive vehicles like ATVs, Motorcycles, Helicopters, etc, that can be used by gamers. One of them is the tank, and players can get it from special airdrops.

Many players often struggle when they confront an opponent with a tank and wonder if they can kill it in COD Mobile.

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The tank is the most durable and difficult-to-destroy vehicle in this game. There are a lot of ways by which players can go about destroying a tank. However, we will tell you guys the most effective method to do so.

So, you can always charge head-on with your primary weapon to destroy a tank. However, it won’t be the wisest decision because you’d only end up emptying all your ammo without even denting the tank.

So, the best way to go about destroying a tank is to use an SMRS or FHJ-18 Launcher. These Launchers are available in Red Crates which are spread throughout the map.

Now, we have our weapon we also need to know where exactly to hit the tank from to inflict maximum damage.

  • It takes 6 shots from both the SMRS and FHJ-18 to destroy a tank from the front.
  • It takes 4 shots from both the SMRS and FHJ-18 to destroy a tank from the sides.
  • It takes 3 shots from both the SMRS and FHJ-18 to destroy a tank from the rear.

From the above, it is clear that the most efficient way to destroy a tank would be to use either of the launchers and hit it on the back.

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Another unpopular way to get rid of the opponent’s tank is to spam Nova Gas all around the tank. This is better if you don’t have an FHJ. All you need to make sure your nova gas cloud is large enough to hide you and to absolutely cripple opponents, ultimately killing them or knocking them down.


Now you know how to destroy the tank and even tackle the enemies inside the tank. So, we think it’s about time you guys went and tamed the Beast of the Battle Royale of COD Mobile.

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