Roblox Slangs Meaning: BSF, ABC, NTY, MK, TT, POG, more

Roblox provides game creators with the opportunity to develop and play their own games. Players from all around the world play hundreds of games on this platform. There are numerous games divided into different categories in the Roblox library.  Roblox is a platform that provides games for people of all ages.

Although many titles are suitable for adults and children, other titles may be selected. While adults may wish to play a variety of games, they are particularly fond of Roblox’s roles.

Roblox has an amazing community of developers. No wonder they offer a broad variety of goods accessible free of charge or with Robux. Even though there are many games to choose from, there are many options.

Besides playing turn-based games like tycoon games, survival games, and simulator games with their friends., players may also play games such as actionsimulationshorroradventuresracingshooting.

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That being said, in this article, we will be talking about some acronyms and abbreviations which most of the Roblox players use in chat to communicate and express emotions without actually typing entire sentences.


What does BSF mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: BSF in Roblox means ‘Best Friend.’ In most cases, that remains the case. In some cases, BSF could also imply “Best Sister Friend” or “But Seriously Folks.” 

Best Friend. BSF is frequently used for Best Friend as a shortcut. It’s pretty much like BF or BFF or Besties.

Best Sister Friend. BSF further suggests that a woman friend has become such a good friend, she’s like a sister. (NB: for actual sisters, BSF is generally not used.)

However, since Roblox is an amalgamation of players from all across the world, the language used is also bound to become diverse.

But Seriously Folks. BSF is often used to return the discussion back to the topic following a jest or banter.

What does ABC mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: In Roblox, “ABC” means nothing. It’s simply a sentence to inform fellow gamers that they’re ready for work or a task.

For instance, if player 1 said “ABC for a dog”, player 2 might reply “ABC” if he wished to be player 1’s dog. It’s usually used in roleplay games.

What does XD mean in Roblox

Short Answer: XD is used as a face of laughter in Roblox. People use this “XD” for the indication of laughing on Roblox gaming conversations.

Look it sideways, you will see that it resembles a human face that laughs with a large open jaw. XD is nothing but, instead, an inoffensive emoji. See the X as eye shape and see the D as a smiling lip. You may now see a happy, possibly laughing face whenever you see XD.

What does B) mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: B) in Roblox means a smiling face. If you look at it carefully you will notice that the letter B forms the sunglasses of a face and the brackets are nothing but a smile or a short grin.

Players usually use this emoji when they perform a cool trick or unlock something rare. It is usually used for showboating in Roblox. It is a harmless emoji that anyone can use in a lot of contexts.

What does SMH mean in Roblox

Short Answer: In Roblox, SMH is an abbreviation that stands for “shaking my head” and could perhaps be utilized to convey joking dissatisfaction of activity inside the game (or just in general internet).

SMH could also imply Stupid Minded Humans or So Much Hate. This abstract is usually employed to convey severe contempt whenever language alone cannot explain how dumb something is.

What does MK mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: MK in Roblox means “Mm OK”. Mk is a slang word that basically conveys the same message as “OK.” It is usually used to answer “yes” to a query or concur with somebody.

The phrase is usually employed when somebody is uncertain yet nevertheless replies yes. It may also be used as a replacement for OK by snobbish individuals.

What does NTY mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: NTY implies “No Thank You” in Roblox. The acronym NTY is employed to politically reject a proposal by means of “No Thank You.” NTY has the same definition as NT (“No Thanks”) and TBNT (“Thanks, But No Thanks”).

It is often used by individuals on Roblox to coldly reject an offer. NTY is mostly used in cases when the other person/player is offering something and asking something ridiculous in return.

Offers that sound too good to be true or are too bad to think over it even once, get the reply NTY.

What does POG mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: POG is utilized in the Roblox community to signify “play of the game”.

Users might well have encountered the term “POG” if you are a passionate gamer or simply spent sufficient time on the internet. 

The POG definition may change from area to area as an acronym, shorthand, abbreviation, or slang word.

There seems to be a concept of poggers, or some other kind of abstract concept, however, there is no real poggers, just an entity, something elusive. POG signifies “Play of The Game”

What does QT mean in Roblox

ShortAnswer: In Roblox, QT means ‘Cutie’. If you pronounce the letters QT together quickly, you’ll notice that they sound the same as the word Cutie. This acronym is used to pass compliments on someone who you find to be cute in Roblox.

Since we have already established that the language and usage of acronyms can vary from place to place and it also depends on different people, the acronym QT also has different meanings.

Another meaning for QT could be quality time. That’s right. For example, if you made a friend in any one of the games and had a good time playing that game together, you could say “I had a QT with you” before logging out.

What does Mic Up mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: “Mic up” suggests that participants could also chat utilizing a microphone in Roblox for in-game voice chat.

Roblox doesn’t have a voice chat system, therefore users need to organize themselves in a third-party chat program like Discord.

Roblox has an in-game text chat system that allows users to interact online. Some Roblox games include command mechanisms that may activate prepared voice lines based on a popular phrase. Nevertheless, in certain cases, it is not sufficient for successful team interaction.

What does C7RN mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: This isn’t an abbreviation or a secretive passcode. This sequence of letters is a slang term people can try typing once they’re in a chat. If you enter C7RN and see it, this indicates that you are not in a secure conversation in Roblox. If after you write it, you can’t see it, then you can be confident that safe chat is activated.

If you wonder what the term “safe chat” means, Roblox has been a communication technique that may prevent gamers from being exposed to explicit language or possibly dangerous interchanges with predatory adults, typically 13 and under.

What does TT mean in Roblox

Short Answer: TT in Roblox basically stands for “Till tomorrow.” The acronym could be used as a fancy way for saying goodbye to your buddies.

It could also be used as an abbreviation to imply that you are going to log out soon and you will be joining the next game tomorrow. Hence, till tomorrow.

What does TBH mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: In Roblox TBH means To Be Honest, which enables internet users to communicate honestly whatever they believe about an individual or an opinion they post. 

Individuals might use TBH to indicate that they are going to put forth an opinion about something they are talking about or some other game or player and in their minds, they believe that particular opinion to be honest.

What does NGF mean in Roblox

Short Answer: NGF stands for ‘No Girlfriend’. In Roblox, players could use this as a reply if they are asked whether they are single or not.

Like some of the other slangs which have been mentioned above, NGF doesn’t have one single meaning. It could mean a couple of things.

Another way of perceiving NGF is that it stands for ‘Not going first’. For instance, if you and your buddies are playing a game in which one of you decides to become hyper-competitive and asks all of you to complete certain dares within the game, you could politely refuse from trying it out first by saying NGF, which means Not going first.

What does TTYL mean in Roblox

Quick Answer: TTYL, in Roblox, is an acronym for “Talk to you Later.” This initialism is often used to tell people you’re exiting the discussion and you’ll talk to them afterward.

It is frequently used as a “bye” or “goodbye” replacement. It indicates that in the future you will be messaging each other again.

It’s tightly linked to two other online abbreviations: BRB and AFK, which stand for “be right back” and “away from keyboard,” respectively. All three imply that for a specific length of time you will be absent.


Since Roblox is a videogame mainly for children, its chatroom includes filtering that suppresses profanity and identifying confidential info constantly.

Obviously, if we have learned anything from years of online gaming, there is more than one method to transmit a sentiment apart from whole words.

Most Roblox players utilize conventional online leetspeak and acronyms that you presumably understand already if you’re a certain age, and also some specific gaming lingo.

Have a look at the sections mentioned above to find the meanings of some of the most commonly used abbreviations around the Roblox community.

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