How to cancel Roblox Subscription

There are several ways to play Roblox, including on a desktop or laptop computer as well as on a smartphone, PS4 console, or even a Mac.

Choosing from a wide range of games in a wide variety of genres is the greatest part. This is the destination to go to if you’d like to spice up your life with some enjoyment.

Your avatar and virtual environments may be customized by establishing a Roblox account. You could generate income on every server by generating private rooms and selling game passes to other players.

Players may play a variety of games with their pals, simulator gamestycoon games, or even car games

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Users have complete control over their creations, and Roblox offers an array of games to choose from. In addition to the renowned battle royale kind of game, Roblox provides a wide range of other games. like action, simulations, horror,   adventures, racing, shooting. 


How to cancel Roblox Subscription

Subscribing to Roblox Premium has a lot of advantages, but sometimes you may wish to discontinue it at any point for whatever reason.

Unbeknownst to most players is that with Roblox Premium, users have access to economic features like purchasing, selling, and trading goods, along with a larger income split on all purchases in your games.

A quarterly Robux allowance and a 10 percent rebate on Robux purchases are also included. Subscribe to Roblox Premium and it will automatically renew until you cancel it before the renewal date. Here’s how to do it on each device separately.

It’s possible to cancel Roblox Premium (a monthly subscription service) via the browser app or a mobile device if customers no longer wish to pay. However, both methods are described here.

Browser App

  • Step 1: Log in to the account on which the membership was bought

  • Step 2: Access the gear icon on the top right side

  • Step 3: Open the settings menu.

  • Step 4: Open billing

  • Step 5: Tap the “Cancel Renewal” button

Then pursue the generated instructions until the membership is totally canceled

If you’re not seeing a cancel button in any of the described areas, here are some explanations why that might be happening:

You are logged into a different account that does not have the active membership

Users are attempting to withdraw their membership from the Xbox One app. Cancellation is only possible on the payment method used to buy the subscription; no other payment methods are supported.

It seems that the account in concern doesn’t even have an authorized membership at the moment

  • The membership had expired and auto-renewal had not been enabled.
  • Currently, the subscription has been terminated
  • There is no auto-renewal of the payment method.

Mobile App

Due to the nature of the Roblox mobile app, subscriptions bought via Google Play are automatically recurring and will continue at the end of their term using the same payment system, by default.

It is possible to cancel your subscription at any moment prior to the renewal date. As long as your subscription hasn’t expired, you will continue to enjoy membership benefits.

The Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on which device you’re using, are the only places where you may cancel the mobile app.

For Android devices:

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download the app

  • Step 2: Log into your Google account

You must be logged into the Google account you used to pay for the Roblox Premium membership in order to use it.

  • Step 3: Tap on the menu, then subscriptions

  • Step 4: Choose the Roblox Premium subscription

  • Step 5: To cancel your subscription, click the cancel button.

For Apple devices:

  • Step 1: Open the settings option on your smartphone

  • Step 2: Tap on your name

  • Step 3: Tap subscriptions

if you’re not seeing “subscriptions” tap on “iTunes & App Store” instead

  • Step 4: Locate and tap on the Roblox Premium subscription

  • Step 5: Tap on cancel subscription

Roblox Premium subscriptions really aren’t accessible on Xbox One. As a result, Xbox One users are unable to cancel their subscriptions while using their consoles.

If you have a subscription on a cell phone or through the web browser app, you would not be able to terminate via the Xbox One.

A membership may be canceled even if you’ve lost your login credentials. You may get in touch with Roblox Customer Service and give them the account information you recall.

They’ll be happy to help you. Mention the known payment method, the related email addresses, the most recent renewal dates, and amounts, as well as possible username options.

They’ll do all they can to get you back into your account so you can make changes to your subscriptions again.

How do you cancel the Roblox subscription of a deceased loved one?

Roblox’s method for canceling a dead loved one’s membership is to contact Customer Service. In such a case, don’t worry about it.

There are a number of methods to handle your loved one’s digital legacy, each with its own benefits.

The process is similar to calling them if you’ve lost your account details and need assistance. Consider doing some research on your family member’s account before taking it to the source.

  • Collecting information

If you have accessibility to a password manager or any other online accounts, think about what information may assist Roblox to identify the account in question if you have it available

On Roblox’s website, a username will appear automatically.

  • Please contact Customer Service.

Make a request to the Customer Service department for consideration. Take use of the data you’ve collected, your connection with the account owner, and facts about the person’s death.

“Billing & Payments” is a common one, because the main goal is to eliminate recurring costs.

  • Sit tight for a reply

Depending on how Roblox customer support responds to you, they may just confirm that the membership has been terminated and nothing more. As a result, you may determine how far you want to go in canceling the membership.

Memberships do ultimately lapse if the payment options don’t operate. Your issue may be solved if your payment method has lapsed. Your loved one’s accounts may be canceled if you do this to their accounts.


1. How to cancel a Roblox Premium membership

Players Those who no longer want to pay may cancel Roblox Premium (a monthly membership service) through the browser app or their mobile device. Members of the Xbox One app are trying to cancel their subscriptions.

You may only cancel your membership by using the same payment method that you used to purchase it; other payment methods are not supported.

2. Is it possible to cancel on Xbox?

On Xbox, users cannot terminate their Roblox Premium subscription. Instead, users must use the above-mentioned Browser App or Mobile Devices techniques.

3. When should I terminate my Roblox Premium subscription?

When the user is certain that they no longer want to retain Roblox Premium, they should cancel it. Until the membership expires, the account has access to all perks.

As a result, it’s advisable to cancel as soon as possible so that you don’t forget about the impending fee when your subscription expires.

4.. What is Roblox Premium, and how does it work?

Roblox Premium is a monthly membership service that provides players with premium features such as a monthly Robux allotment, unique goods, and the opportunity to trade with other Roblox users.

Roblox Premium comes in a variety of pricing levels, with the higher tiers providing greater benefits. You may cancel your subscription at any moment.

5. Is it possible to remove your account permanently?

It is not possible to remove a Roblox account permanently. This aspect of the platform has angered some individuals.

As of yet, Roblox has not implemented the desired functionality as a result of user feedback. To deactivate your Roblox account, just send a message to Roblox Support.

6. Could I get a discount for canceling my membership soon?

No. Builders club memberships bought via the website are recurring by standard and will continue using the same payment option at the conclusion of the term. You may cancel at any moment before the renewal date by going to the website.

If you cancel a recurring membership, you’ll still get builders club benefits for the rest of the period you’ve already spent.

7. What should I do if Roblox won’t let me deactivate my account?

Update all private details. If you remove all of your personal information from your account, no one will be able to identify you. This way, even if they don’t remove your account, it’s no longer linked to you.

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