(2023) How to Turn Off Google Smart Lock on Roblox

Roblox is both a gaming platform and an online store where users may buy and play games. It is not a game in and of itself, but instead a network through which users may access games made by others.

Unlike similar gaming sites such as Steam, the videogame’s content is entirely generated by its users.

Roblox isn’t only for playing games; it also allows you to create your own. Nonetheless, several Roblox games were developed by individuals rather than the Roblox Corporation. According to the platform’s website, users have created over 20 million games.

Anyone can make games on Roblox. Young people may use the site to create their own game ideas. There are many game-creation tools accessible that anybody, even children, may learn how to use.

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Because of the ease with which Roblox converts your work into an online multiplayer game, this community of creators will be able to grow as a consequence of a popular game.

Lua offers a number of benefits when it comes to learning computer programming languages. Additionally, the company provides development forums where developers may discuss problems and acquire new skills.

Players may collaborate with their pals in a range of cooperative activities such as action,  simulations, horror, adventures, racing, shooting games. Meanwhile, Roblox provides its users with a diverse selection of games. Roblox games feature the famous battle royale type. ranging from murder investigations and jail escapes to treasure-seeking.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can make your Roblox account more secure. We would be doing that by first telling you guys about how to turn off Google Smart Lock on Roblox. So, let’s get started without much ado.

What is Google Smart Lock on Roblox

When you activate Google smart lock, you won’t have to remember any passwords or Gmail addresses. Passwords are difficult for average netizens to remember.

Almost every site or device that provides any sort of service, no matter how boring or simple, needs registration, during which the prospective user will most likely be asked to give a valid e-mail address for validation reasons, as well as a username and password.

Similarly, Roblox also requires players to sign in to their Roblox accounts every time they want to play a game. This can become frustrating after a little while. So, the Google Smart Lock option provides an easy fix for this issue.

In a nutshell, Smart Lock keeps Android smartphones unlocked while they’re in your pocket, near your house, or in another trusted place.

That means you won’t need to enter a pin, pattern, or password to open it. You must already have a screen lock set up in order to use it.

Google Smart Lock can also sync your passwords between devices. So, as long as it’s turned on, you’ll be able to easily sign in to your Chrome browser or Android device.

The option to save passwords is enabled by default on both Chrome and Android devices.

For those who use Chrome, go to your Google account, then select “Security” in the left sidebar, followed by “Password Manager.”

You’ll be able to see, change, or remove passwords saved to your Google account from there.

On an Android device, you can manage your passwords by going to “Settings,” then “Google,” and then “Google Account.”

Then, select “Security.” Select “Saved Passwords” under “Signing into other sites.” Under the “Blocked” section, you can prevent specific websites or apps from saving your passwords.

How to Turn Off Google Smart Lock on Roblox

Quick Answer: To turn off Google Smart Lock on Roblox, select the toggle button in the Trust Agents section in Google Smart Lock settings. Select the ‘Passwords’ option, select Roblox and select option to Delete password.

This feature, intended to make your life easier, recognizes a few trusted locations and keeps your phone unlocked when you visit those locations.

Correspondingly, you could indeed label a paired device as trusted (for example, your car’s Bluetooth music system or your smartwatch), and your phone would then unlock instantly whenever these devices are nearby.

Google smart lock is a useful function to have activated, but if your phone is stolen, bad individuals will have immediate access to all of your passwords.

Passwords for online banking, cloud services containing sensitive company information, personal effects, or anything else you would wish to keep private behind a password you believed was secure might fall into this category.

Follow the steps given below to turn off the Google Smart Lock on Roblox accurately:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings

Go to the Settings app of your device

  • Step 2: Search for Trust Agents

  • Step 3: Scroll down to Trust Agents

  • Step 4: Turn off Smart Lock (Google)

Toggle the slider off to turn off Google Smart Lock

  • Step 5: Head on over to Google services in Settings

  • Step 6: Go to Auto-fill

  • Step 7: Then go to Auto fill with Google

  • Step 8: Then choose the option which reads Passwords

  • Step 9: Then Scroll down and look for Roblox

Since we are dealing with the app Roblox, we have to search for Roblox amongst the list and choose it.

  • Step 10: Choose Roblox and Click Delete passwords

  • Step 11: Then go to Password Manager

Add Roblox to the list of Declined sites and apps

How to Turn Off Google Smart Lock on Android

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Settings app
  • Step 2: Select Google
  • Step 3: Select Manage your Google Account
  • Step 4: Go to Password Manager. In the Security tab, then scroll down and select Password Manager.
  • Step 5: Select the Settings icon
  • Step 6: Disable Auto-Sign

Finally, disable the Auto sign-in and offer to store password options.

How to Disable Google Smart Lock on Chrome on Android

  • Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome browse

Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Android device.

  • Step 2: Tap the three aligned dots

Tap the three aligned dots in the upper right-hand corner, then choose Settings.

  • Step 3: Select Passwords
  • Step 4: Disable Auto-Sign in

Turn off the Save Passwords and Auto Sign-in options.

  • Step 5: Remove Passwords if required

If you wish to remove the saved Passwords, tap on Passwords. You may remove them one at a time by touching them and then choosing Delete.

How to Turn Off Google Smart Lock on Chrome on PC

Since there are quite a lot of players who also enjoy playing Roblox on their PCs and have Google Smart Lock enabled on their Desktops as well, we have to discuss the steps by which you can turn of Google Smart Lock on Roblox for PC.

Follow the steps that have been given below to disable Google Smart Lock on Chrome for your PC:

  • Step 1: Launch the Chrome web browser

Then choose Settings from the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Step 2: On the left side, choose Autofill
  • Step 3: Go to Passwords

There are three choices underneath Autofill: Passwords, Payment Methods and Addresses, and More. Select Passwords.

  • Step 4: Turn off Offer to Store Passwords

Once logged in, turn off the option labeled “Offer to store passwords.” Meanwhile, turn off Auto Sign-in.

  • Step 5: Delete all previously-stored passwords

To delete previously stored passwords, go to the ‘Saved Passwords’ area and follow each password all the way to the conclusion.

There will be three vertical dots. Simply click on it. Remove from the drop-down option that appears.


1. How to Disable Google Smart Lock on Roblox

To Disable Google Smart lock on Roblox, head on over to the settings options of your device and go to the Google section. Then Click on Manage your Google Account. Once you are in it, take the appropriate Security measures and turn off the Auto Sign-in Option.

2. What happens after disabling Google Smart Lock?

Google will now provide you with the login credentials, and you may touch to choose which account you wish to log in with.

As a result, the issue of automatically logging in to an account you don’t wish to use is no longer a concern.

3. What if I wish to reactivate it?

Yes, you can turn on Google Smart Lock back again by signing in again. You may, however, remove the login credentials that are creating the issue so that Google cannot use them for auto-sign in.

Now, on the password manager page, look for the website/app whose stored password you wish to delete. Then, delete the passwords you don’t want.

4. What to do with the saved Passwords?

What do you do with the stored passwords now that you’ve disabled Google’s Smart Lock? You can’t possibly have them lying about.

Navigate to Google’s Password account and click the Delete button. Additionally, you may erase Chrome’s browser history to eliminate all passwords. Make certain that the Time range is set to All time.

For Google’s password account, however, you’d have to go the manual route of selecting and deleting.

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